Streamlined communications systems for law, accounting, and financial firms that prioritize mobility, productivity, and reliability. 

Legal professionals and their clients count on the fast and accurate exchange of information. They require a robust telecommunications system that increases productivity without sacrificing security. And they need to stay connected anywhere, on a range of devices, whether across the office or around the world. 

The data infrastructure and VoIP networks designed by SCI are secure, user-friendly, and adaptable to future technology. Whether your IT department is large or small, we can install a system that is easy to manage while meeting your organization's needs. 


Featured project

PKF O'Connor Davies - Accounting and Advisors receive telecommunication and data consulting and installation services from SCI. 


How SCI can increase your firm's communications capabilities

Data infrastructure designed to keep pace with technology. SCI prioritizes organization, flexibility, and adaptability in every data cabling installation. Your firm's data network should support new additions and future advances in technology, while remaining secure and reliable for your current day-to-day operations. 

Complete mobile integration keeps your staff connected everywhere they work. SCI offers Shoretel VoIP systems that transform smartphones and tablets into mobile desk phones, complete with transfer, conference, and peer-to-peer video calling features. This gives your staff the flexibility to stay connected on the go without sacrificing productivity. 

Power protection solutions that keep your data secure and online. Legal and professional firms need their data to remain safe and accessible. SCI provides power protection and backup solutions that will keep your firm up and running, even during an outage. 

Fast and reliable customer service. SCI offers training on all new systems, so your staff can take advantage of all of the powerful new features your hardware offers. And if something goes wrong, we can send a support technician to your office within hours to fix the problem, so your service is uninterrupted and your staff can get back to business. 


Learn how SCI's telecommunications solutions can increase your firm's productivity and keep your staff connected. 

Give us a call at 1 (800) 735-7070 for a no-cost site analysis. One of our experienced technicians will evaluate your current system and explain how improved and updated telecommunications solutions can improve reliability and productivity.