Go-anywhere telecommunications systems to help your organization serve its mission with the greatest efficiency. 

Nonprofit organizations require a telecommunications system that keeps staff members and supporters connected without compromising valuable resources. Important donor data should be secure and easy to manage, while VoIP systems should provide a user-friendly link to the supporters and the community. 

SCI provides solutions that are powerful, budget-conscious, and user-friendly. Our data infrastructure and VoIP systems prioritize flexibility, allowing them to be scaled up or down depending on your organization's growth. Valuable data metrics powered by Shoretel track calls to help you manage your organization's outreach. And easy mobile integration allows staff to stay in touch anywhere, whether in the office or from a smartphone or tablet. 


Featured Project

St. Christopher's, Inc., an adolescent development organization for children with special needs, required a telecommunications systems that would connect their three campuses across Westchester and provide a reliable link to their affiliate organizations. 

SCI designed and installed a Shoretel system that would enhance St. Christopher's ability to connect with staff, supporters, and program participants. 


How SCI can help improve your organization's communications potential


Mobile integration means more flexibility to connect anywhere. SCI provides Shoretel systems that provide easy-to-use mobile integration, so your staff can seamlessly transition from desk phones to smartphones. Dual persona features allow staff to keep personal and work phone numbers separate. Plus, it's easy to re-route calls to another location or device, so staff can stay connected even when plans change. 

Tools and metrics to improve the donor experience. Shoretel systems feature tools and apps that facilitate work flows and record-keeping, so your supporters spend less time on hold and more time helping you achieve your mission. 

Power protection systems to keep your organization running even during an outage. Budget deadlines don't pause when the lights go out. SCI provides backup systems for organizations of all sizes, so your data is safe and accessible even when the unexpected happens. 


Learn how SCI's telecommunications solutions can improve your nonprofit organization's efficiency and productivity. 

Schedule a no-cost consultation and one of our experienced technicians will perform an analysis of your current system to determine whether improved data infrastructure or an updated VoIP system can make your organization more efficient. Give us a call at 1 (800) 735-7070 or click the button below below to get started.