Scalable, cost-effective telecommunications solutions for state and local governments. 

State and local governments require communications systems that are efficient, reliable, and adaptable for future technology. SCI designs systems that not only meet these needs, but are also cost-effective and user-friendly. 

Our experienced technicians can design infrastructure for new additions from scratch, or update a current system for maximum long-term cost savings. We also provide training and same-day customer support in all systems that we install, so your staff has the tools to use all of their powerful new features to the fullest. 


Featured project

Hastings-on-Hudson required a communications platform that would connect their municipal buildings throughout the Village. 

SCI designed and installed a robust Inter-Tel phone system to help officials stay connected with staff and the public. We prioritized seamless communications so that staff could stay informed and on the pulse of local happenings. 


How a telecommunications system from SCI can improve your office's functionality and reliability


Powerful, user-friendly solutions that provide maximum efficiency. Efficiency is key for state and municipal offices. SCI prioritizes speed and productivity by designing data infrastructure that is highly organized and adapts well to new technology. We also install user-friendly VoIP systems and train your staff to take full advantage of every time-saving, collaborative feature. 

Scalability that keeps your telecommunications network working for the long term. Our systems are designed to accommodate new technology, so your office can adapt to make use of tomorrow's devices. Furthermore, our Shoretel-powered phone systems make it easy to add and remove users as your office personnel changes. 

Cost-effective solutions for budgets of all sizes. SCI understands that state and local governments have a duty to be budget-conscious. Our engineers design data infrastructure and VoIP systems that meet your office's needs, eliminate communications waste and provide a low TCO (total cost of ownership). 

Sophisticated conference phones for your most productive meetings. Conference phone systems powered by Shoretel and Polycom provide the utmost audio clarity and easy-to-use video integration. This allows all of your meetings to be effective and productive, whether its members are in the same room or across the country. 


Learn how SCI can improve your telecommunications efficiency.  

Schedule a no-cost system analysis today. We'll send a technician to evaluate your current telecommunications network and explain how SCI can improve it to enhance your office's productivity and efficiency. Give us a call at 1 (800) 735-7070 or click the link below.