Flexible, reliable communications systems that schools and libraries can trust. 

A high-quality phone system is a must-have for today's schools, which require a reliable communications infrastructure to share important updates with parents, students, and staff. In addition, most schools have multiple on-campus buildings and off-site locations that must stay dependably connected. Databases of sensitive student information must remain secure and accessible, and all systems should be flexible, with the potential to grow with the pace of technology. 

SCI understands the challenges of 21st-century school administration. We provide telecommunications networks that keep schools connected and their data secure. We design complete cabling infrastructure and VoIP systems that cater to the unique needs of schools, while being user-intuitive and easy to manage. 


Featured project

Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY, required a robust phone system that would keep multiple campus buildings seamlessly connected.

SCI installed a complete telecommunications system that provides smooth internal links between classrooms and offices, while allowing school administrators to stay within reach of parents and students. 


why should educational institutions choose sci?

Solutions for schools of every size. SCI has the experience to design a custom system for your institution, no matter how large or small. Whether you need to connect multiple locations or classrooms across campus, install or update PA and security systems, or provide power protection to keep your applications up and running when it counts, SCI can design and install the best system for your needs. 

Friendly, user-intuitive hardware. We install Shoretel phones that are easy to use and fully mobile-integrated, so that educational institutions can reach staff, parents, and students on a range of devices. Our technicians also provide complimentary training so that your staff can use your new system like experts, right away and to its fullest potential. 

Scalability to manage incoming and outgoing students and faculty with ease. SCI's solutions account for the ever-changing nature of a school's population. With Shoretel VoIP phones, your institution can easy add and remove users as students graduate and faculty changes. And our data infrastructure systems prioritize flexibility, so when your institution grows, it's easy to connect new locations and hardware. 

Budget-conscious design. We understand that schools require the highest reliability, but are often subject to strict budgets. Our experienced engineers can design a system that meets your institution's needs and delivers high quality without a high cost. 

Dependable customer support. SCI performs rigorous testing on every installation. But if something goes wrong, we're available to provide fast, same-day customer support, so that your institution is always connected with parents and students when it matters. 


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