Fully unified communications to keep your organization connected and on the pulse of business.

Superior Communications partners with Shoretel to provide VoIP telephone systems that are flexible, reliable, and customized to your organization's needs. We can design a system that is appropriate for your industry, providing the security, mobility, and collaborative power to keep your staff connected. We also handle the installation, and will have your new phone system up and running with no hassle and minimal downtime.



Accounting and consulting firm PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP, required a phone system that would keep their tri-state offices not just connected, but unified, with a seamless information flow.

SCI designed and installed a new Shoretel VoIP system with the sophisticated call recording, voicemail, and mobility potential required to deliver top-level service to their clients. 

telecommunications systems that go everywhere you work.

VoIP is the industry-standard telecommunications system. It provides unparalleled flexibility, highly-intuitive user interfaces, click-of-a-mouse simplicity, and go-anywhere mobility. Whether your organization is building a new location or upgrading to VoIP from a digital system, SCI's team of training and installation experts will ensure a seamless transition. The following are just some of the benefits of a VoIP system installed by SCI.


Fully unified communications. Email, text, video chat, conference: today, there are more ways to connect than a simple phone call. Our systems are designed to support all the ways your staff communicates, both in the office and on the go. To that end, SCI offers fully-integrated telecommunications solutions featuring cutting-edge technology from Shoretel and Polycom. Seamlessly transfer calls to a mobile device, collaborate face-to-face with staff at remote locations, integrate ATS and CRM systems: our systems help your organization stay connected across platforms for uninterrupted communications potential. 

Deep commitment to reliability. With built-in redundancy and virtualization support, you can trust Shoretel systems for your most mission-critical applications. Disaster recovery features provide further protection from system failures. Also, SCI's experienced technical support team is available to answer your questions both before and long after your new system is installed. 

Unrivaled mobility. Another advantage of Shoretel systems is their exceptional support of mobile devices. It allows your employees' smartphones and devices to integrate with your organization's telephone system, while keeping business and personal information completely separate. 

Solutions for businesses of all sizes. From small companies that prioritize flexibility and mobile integration, to large companies that require the security and control of a sophisticated onsite system, we have the expertise to design a system that meets all of your needs. With thirty years of experience searching organizations of all sizes, SCI is a reliable choice to design a VoIP system that works for the unique requirements of your industry. 

Exceptional technical support. At SCI, our first priority is providing our customers with an extraordinarily reliable telecommunications network. But, just in case the unexpected happens, every phone system that SCI installs comes with one year of free technical support. We can send a technician right away for same-day troubleshooting within a matter of hours. If we can't repair the issue on-site, we'll swap the problem phone with a new one, free of charge. 


schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn how a shoretel voip system can improve your organization's productivity. 


Interested in how a Shoretel VoIP system can help your business's communications? Give us a call to schedule a no-cost consultation, and we'll send an experienced technician to evaluate your current system and show you how a Shoretel system can increase reliability, flexibilty and mobility.