Complete, fully-integrated telecommunications systems to cover all of your organization's needs.

In today's world, there's more to communication than emails and voice calls. Superior Communications designs complete systems that enhance security, protect against data loss, and keep clients and staff alike connected. We provide powerful conference phones that maximize productivity, power protection systems that will keep your data safe, intercom systems to keep your staff linked at the touch of a button, and more. Schedule a no-cost consultation to learn more. 


featured project

Rye Neck UFSD - SCI installed a robust Valcom Multipath Public Address system for Rye Neck Schools.  Multipath systems offer high quality internal communication and a multitude of features that are easily configured to suit the most advanced requirements.  The system features highly user-friendly administrative software that is easily manageable via their LAN/WAN network. 


revolutionary conference call systems

SCI designs conference call systems that facilitate unparalleled productivity. We offer state-of-the-art conference phones from Shoretel and Polycom that offer exceptional audio quality, user-intuitive interfaces, and powerful USB video integration. Our technicians will consider the unique needs of your organization and industry to design a conference system that is simple to use and maximizes collaboration.

Featured Product

Polycom RealPresence Trio. This workhorse smart hub (pictured) combines powerful features with user-friendly simplicity. BYOD (bring your own device) mobile integration allows users to connect their smartphones, tablets, or computers to share HD content both in and out of a call. 1080p30 USB camera integration allows for complete real-time collaboration. High-quality, proprietary HD voice technology allows users to hear callers with unprecedented clarity, while NoiseBlock automatically detects and mutes rustling papers and other unwanted background sounds. 


reliable, business-critical Power protection

Protect your organization's high-performance and mission-critical applications with intelligent and efficient power protection systems. SCI installs entry-level network protection for small and medium businesses, as well as sophisticated high-performance systems for data centers that require redundant, scalable solutions with high levels of availability. 

Featured Product

APC Smart-UPS power backup system. Smart-UPS provides reliable, network-grade power with maximum efficiency. Models are available for a variety of budgets, from economical systems that protect small networking devices and point-of-sale equipment to larger systems supported by external battery packs and can power critical servers through hours-long outages. The standard mid-grade model have been trusted by organizations throughout the world and is considered a benchmark for high-quality power backup. 


complete communications systems. experienced, professional local installation.

SCI provides complete systems that cover all of the ways that today's organizations communicate with staff and clients alike. In addition to data cabling installation, VoIP and conference call systems, and power protection, we offer design and installation of the following systems: 

  • Intercom systems featuring Aiphone hardware 
  • Public address (PA) and paging systems 
  • CCTV and networked surveillance systems
  • Dedicated healthcare communications systems
  • Call logging and recovery

With over thirty years of experience with data systems, SCI provides expert installation with minimal downtime. Providing our clients with reliable, effective systems is our first priority. That's why we perform stringent testing and offer same-day technical support, so you can count on your security, phone, and data systems when you need them. 

Ready to learn how SCI's VoIP conference phone systems, data protection, or other peripheral systems can improve your organization's productivity and security? Give us a call at 1 (800) 735-7070 or fill out the form below to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our experienced technicians. 

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